Rivers Church Response to Media Allegations

We are deeply saddened by the damage that has prevailed from this weekend’s message. The content in question and expression thereof was clearly not meant for harm. Upon review, we believe there isn’t a view that reflects an anti-biblical or racist sentiment from the message preached. The message was about overcoming abandonment and Ps André addressed and challenged all communities and encouraged relationships across all races.

Rivers Church neither ignores nor condones the atrocity of apartheid or the scars it has left on our nation. With that in mind, the preaching and teaching is aimed at repairing and preventing further racial division. The Rivers Foundation also addresses the damage of our history daily, and is our constant expression that the past will not easily be corrected.  

Rivers Church and Ps André’s track record are endorsed by the community that attend Rivers Church, of which racially we are proudly a representation of South Africa. We will continue to build into our nation for the betterment of all communities despite vicious and unfounded accusations levied against our senior pastor.

The same message on overcoming abandonment was preached in all services on Sunday, and we have now uploaded all three unedited messages, which are available for download should you wish to listen to the entire message for proper perspective.