Leadership and management

Rivers has been pastored by André and Wilma Olivier for more than three decades, they are accountable to an advisory board consisting of key businessmen and leaders who bring perspective and add value to the senior pastors.

senior pastors

André and Wilma Olivier have been the Senior Pastors of Rivers since 1992. They have built it from a church of 70 into a church of thousands and are responsible for the vision, values and culture of the multi-campus church. After being in ministry together for over four decades they remain committed to leading people into a fulfilling relationship with Christ and they are passionately committed to building all their congregations into churches of blessing and significance.

full time staff

Rivers Church employs a large number of competent staff across its campuses in order to carry the responsibility oft he day-to-day needs of the church. This team is released by the senior pastors to provide high standards of ministry effectiveness and excellence, as well as loving pastoral care.


The board’s role is that of governance-oversight, monitoring best practice and adhering to legislated requirements, comprising of executive and non-executive members with the chairperson of the board being non-executive. Directors of the board do not receive remuneration in respect of their roles and responsibilities. All board directors also serve as elders.


The senior pastors select elders from spiritually mature long serving congregation members and senior staff members.The senior pastor is the chairperson of the elders. The role of the elders is to offer perspective and assist the senior pastors in maintaining the spiritual health of the church.

financial support

Rivers Church financially supports missionaries in various parts of the world as well as many community upliftment initiatives through the Rivers Foundation.Connect Groups regularly contribute time, money and volunteer service towards projects that help the less fortunate.

financial management policy

Rivers is a registered non-profit organisation. We adhere to strict financial management procedures and money is handled with integrity and a spirit of excellence. The board brings godly wisdom and sound financial expertise to the organisation. The senior pastors have full leadership to direct the church but have no ownership of any assets of the church. 

The senior pastors and board are responsible for the management of the church. Audited internal controls are adhered to in the handling, banking and spending of church finances. The senior pastors are not signatories on any church payments nor can they activate internet payments. The board determines the salaries of the senior pastors and staff.The church’s financial records and systems are externally audited annually and submitted to the Receiver of Revenue.