Our four pillars

Worship | Reach | Connect | Volunteer

This Year's Vision

2020 showed us that there is always a need to KEEP OUR HOPE ALIVE. This year we’re focusing on just that, no matter what 2021 may look like, despite the challenges it may bring we will keep our hope alive, keeping God our focus and our hope throughout the year.

Our Values

  1. The Word of God
  2. The Holy Spirit
  3. The presence and touch of God on everything
  4. Dynamic praise and worship
  5. Relationships
  6. Character and integrity
  7. A prayer lifestyle
  8. Excellence
  9. Financial partnership
  10. The family
  11. Non-racial, non-sexist community
  12. Church growth and church health
  13. Generational ministry
  14. The poor
  15. Being a resource church
  16. Healing
  17. Outward focus
  18. Discipleship and ministry involvement
  19. Celebration
  20. Patriotism