rivers youth

Hey! We're streaming live and online for the next while.

We find ourselves in extraordinary times, so for the next while we’ll be streaming our services online, on our website, on instagram, on facebook and on youtube.

We’ll see you on Friday at 19:00!

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Youth is held every Friday night with Connect Groups and an Event Night on the last Friday of every month. It runs from 6:30pm – 8:30pm and is for teens from 13 to 19 years old. 

At Rivers, all age groups have a part to play in the life of the church. Our young people are not the church of tomorrow but the church of today. We include young people in all ministries so that they learn to carry spiritual responsibility from a young age. We are raising and developing their gifts and abilities so as to have godly young people and a steady flow of emerging leaders. Our Rivers Youth program at Rivers is geared at developing young people and releasing their potential through fun, friendship and ministry. Rivers Youth is a page out of main church, so that young people are fully integrated into the vision, values and life of the church.