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Discipleship College is the discipleship arm of Rivers Church and focuses on life transformation through a real and relevant relationship with God. Run over 3 short terms each year, Discipleship College offers various unique short courses with long term value. Our program is designed to help you gain an in-depth view of a variety of biblical and life topics, such as theology, relationships and business, as well as general life skills like parenting and financial management.

All courses are run on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm on the Sandton Campus and include courses written by our Senior Pastors as well as video based courses by world-renowned leaders and teachers such as John Maxwell, John Bevere and more.

Starts 16 August 2022
How To Study and Interpret the Bible

Written by Ps. André Olivier, this course will help you understand and interpret the truths of the Word of God correctly. It provides helpful tools and valuable keys to correctly approach and interpret the Old and New Testaments, the parables, how the Bible was put together, and common obstacles to correct interpretation.

4 Weeks | R 100

The First

The first five books are some of the most important in the entire Bible and set the stage of God’s creation, His dealings with mankind as well as His ultimate plan of salvation. This course provides an understanding and overview of how these books were written and compiled, how Jesus Christ is the Centre of the Bible, and the key themes and events of each book.

4 Weeks | R 100

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Gifts of
The Spirit

This course provides an understanding of the work of the Spirit and the gifts appropriated by God on His people. The Bible teaches us that we are not to be ignorant of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as they enable us to be effective and influential as Christians. They are an important part of the life of each believer, as well the life of the church, however, they are often greatly misunderstood.

4 Weeks | R 100


Principles for
Business Success

Based on the book by Ps André, this course will help you believe for your success and not feel guilty about success or profit. The Bible is full of sound business success principles, which this course will explore and stir you to assume personal responsibility for your own success, get out of a rut and add momentum to your God-given goals and dreams.

4 Weeks | R 100

Keeping Marriage

Marriage is a gift from God and when it works well, it’s a wonderful blessing; when it’s not working well, it will negatively affect every other area of your life. Whatever the state of your marriage today, whether good or bad, God has more for you and your spouse to help you keep your marriage alive and flourishing.

4 Weeks | R 100