Kidszone is a fully fledged children’s church for kids Age 1 – Grade 7 that develops your child’s spiritual life. Exciting praise and worship, crafts, small group interaction and clear age-appropriate, practical teaching is provided by our dedicated team. Our specially designed children’s ministry centre is unique, vibrant, child-friendly and exciting. The facility has modern technology in all classrooms and a fun playground. It is a safe, secure environment that our kids just love attending each week!

We are passionate about ensuring that all kids have a chance to learn and grow in God’s house. With this in mind we have specially added a class where we can care for and teach kids with unique learning needs.

kidszone classes

12 months - 2 yrs
2 - 3 yrs
3 - 4 yrs
4 - 5 yrs
5 yrs (July - Dec) & Grade R
Grades 1 & 2
Grade 3
Grades 4 & 5
Grades 6 & 7

check-in opens 30 minutes before the service

Helping Hands

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