Building Strong Families

Ps. André Olivier



Marriage and family are God’s idea, not the creation of a social order or a political party manifesto. In a desperate attempt to be free, our society has pushed aside God’s wisdom and embarked upon a destructive and dangerous course that is wrecking families. Millions of people are now asking, “How can I have a lasting marriage and a strong family?” This desire for successful families crosses all generations. One study revealed that young people listed their generation’s number one problem as ‘an increase in divorce and single-parent families’. Young adults 18-30 also placed ‘having a strong family’ as their most important goal above money and career! Another young adult survey found that of the top ten personal needs listed that people wanted help from a church for, six involved marriage and family issues. This shows the deep need we all have for a strong and happy family. This book addresses these needs and is a helpful and practical manual for building strong families.

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