Cultivating Divine Wisdom

Ps. André Olivier


All true wisdom originates with God and is so accessible! Life is indeed tough, but let’s not make it any tougher by lacking wisdom. If we apply the wisdom of God it will determine our success in life. The culture today implies that it has a wisdom beyond that of God and His Church; a wisdom that is far superior and much less restricting. So people trade God’s divine wisdom for human or even demonic wisdom – they go from the sky to the earth to underground – and are plunged into hardship and pain. Why is it that intelligent people make bad judgement calls and unwise decisions? Because wisdom is much more than knowledge and no one can perform beyond their level of wisdom! We’re overloaded with information and yet seem to lack the wisdom to succeed in our thinking, homes, families, finances and relationships. This book presents God’s wisdom as the source of the solution to the pressing problems of our age, and illustrates the wonderful benefits of embracing divine wisdom.

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