Principles for Business Success

Ps. André Olivier


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The Bible is never outdated despite what the majority of people may think. It is filled with sound business success principles as God wants us to succeed in business! It’s his will for us to participate in the business world and enjoy the profits of honest hard work.

This book will help you to get out of a rut and inspire you to fully apply Biblical principles that can elevate your life by adding powerful momentum to your God-given goals and dreams. It addresses our thinking about success and business and motivates us to live above recessionary times. It inspires faith in what God can do for us despite negative business cycles and recessions. You will be activated to rise up from passivity and press forward to succeed despite world trends away from Biblical capitalism.

By addressing the dangerous anti-biblical communist socialist ideologies that threaten our personal prosperity and development as a nation, the author clarifies for every believer the need to do business and not feel guilty about success or profit. The book will stir you to assume responsibility for your own success and activate the entrepreneur in you and bring true business success within your reach. You too can be a success in business!

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