While we may be on lockdown at the moment, your kids can still enjoy our online Kidszone services by going to any one of our campus pages or if you’re joining us for a Sisters Night you can find Sisters specific Kidszone Ministry here: Sandton, Durban North, Ballito.

Below is all the information you’ll need to know when we can gather together again soon.
Kidszone (Aged 1 – Grade 6) is a fully-fledged church, not a typical Sunday school or babysitting environment. It is a spiritual development ministry with full-time pastors, staff and volunteers. It has worship, offering, age specific ministry and fun. It runs simultaneously with all services, and is an integrated part of the life of Rivers, growing children’s spiritual lives and ministries.

What are we up to this week?

So what will my child/ren be doing at Kidszone?

We have our own time of praise and worship

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frequently asked questions

1. At what age can my child begin attending Kidszone?

From 12 months of age.

2. Who will have access to my child whilst they are in the Kidszone facility?

The Children’s Church Pastor, staff and volunteer team who have undergone a criminal background check & specific training.

3. Will my child simply be babysat?

No, each age group participates in a full ministry program including praise and worship, offering time and a full ministry message geared especially for their age.

4. What if my child has any allergies, medical conditions or special needs?

Please ask for a “Care Alert” wristband when checking your child in, so that we can ensure their excellent care whilst they are with us.

5. Who may collect my child from Kidszone?

ONLY parents and guardians over the age of 18 years with valid ID stickers may enter the Kidszone facility and collect their children.

6. What does my child need to bring with them to Kidszone?

A nappy bag containing nappies, wet wipes and a change of clothing (for ages 1 – 3 only). Children are given a small snack of wheat/gluten free “Oatees” cereal and water (Age 1 – 5 only).

7. Can I take pictures of my child inside Kidszone?

We value your children’s privacy and security. Please help us keep our children safe by not taking any photos or videos while inside the Kidszone building/area.

8. What if I have other questions or concerns?

Please feel free to raise them with our Children’s Church Pastor and team who are there to assist and serve you and your children.

9. Can I leave my child at Kidszone while I am not at church?

Parents/guardians leaving their child/ren at Kidszone must remain on campus at all times.

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