As a dynamic and influential communicator and teacher, André Olivier, Senior Pastor of Rivers Church, felt called to reach a greater audience through television. Life by Design first aired on eTV, a free to air channel in Southern Africa, in January 2010 to encourage people to live life by design, not by default. The programme is now broadcast in 54 countries throughout Africa and has seen phenomenal success and growth.

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Every Monday at 5am CAT

TBN (DSTV Ch 343)

Every Saturday at 9am
Repeats: Sunday at 1am and Tuesday at 5am CAT

e-Extra on DSTV (CH 195) & openview

Every Sunday at 6:30am CAT

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Ps André's latest books

Keeping Hope Alive

Every single action we take, is taken in hope. Everything is done by hope. It is the constant expectation of good because of who God is, who we are in Him and what we have through Christ. Our hope is anchored to the person of Christ. Hope is an essential ingredient for sustaining our lives and forging ahead during tough times. We are being assailed every day with negative reports and devastating statistics but we’ve got to keep hope alive and have an expectation of good things in our future. This is not a time to give in to pessimism and hopelessness. This book will encourage you and inspire you to keep hope alive in your life, family, church and business in these very trying times. We must keep hope alive because hope will keep us alive!

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The Power of Intentional Living

Too many people are living life by accident, instead of by design. We are not meant to be those who go with the tide and float downstream with the currents, but who navigate the turbulent waters of life’s currents and make our way to the place we know God wants us to go. Salmon do this each year as they return to the place where they were spawned and lay their eggs, securing the next generation. They swim against strong tides and swift currents risking being eaten by bears, to give birth to something greater. God has put something within them that drives them by instinct, but he has given human beings the freedom of choice to decide whether this is the direction we want to take or do we want a life of ease.

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